Here are the different categories (or 'labels') of the posts! I've chosen these categories as I feel they are as broken down as can be (based on what I talk about) - note that these will most likely change over time:

We need to remind ourselves things so we don't lose touch, for our minds reflect our thoughts.

At first it did seem strange to put this as its own category, even if the (amazing) quotes can also fit into other categories, which they have been. If you've watched anime and heard those amazing quotes, you'll have a jist of why they deserve to be standing on their own! It's like it's created its own niche.

Art is a whole other world of language. Art is about expression in billions of wondrously creative methods. It's touching messages has the ability to reach out to other people's hearts and minds - it uses physical, visual even emotional ways to encourage 'envisionment' from the viewer. Anything that is created is art.

We change all the time (whether we like it or not), but let's face it - sometimes there are things that we need to feel like we understand that it's harder to let go than it is to hold on. These quotes... I've found that they shed light on the fact that embracing what's not always easy is nice!

The people we surround ourselves with play a significantly large role in who we are, so it's important to have fabulous connections. Let's appreciate those precious to us.

Only the quotes that have been determined useful have lasted for thousands (and more) years, proving there's something that we must come back to (I suppose unlike some quotes which only refer to a certain period or situation). In here (^) the quotes pretty much all quotes are of Confucianism and Taoism - my personal two favourite philosophies!

Finding Yourself
I get lost in my mind, so I'm sure you do too (I'd say it was 'not that it is 'bad'' but I'm careful not to use 'good' or 'bad' as nothing really is like that). These sayings are what feel like a hug :D about you, making sure you're all good to get out of the hug knowing you can do things yourself... Let's go for the best of ourselves!

For You :)
Just for you... take care of yourself... and have a nice day!

Well, we make 'bad' decisions, and that gives us experience and a sharpened instinct, and that's what gets us the 'good' decisions! One of the most effective ways to learn to have judgement is to get yourself out there to learn, 'show me and I'll understand' as one chinese proverb put it.

Everything can be seen through different aspects, and when your mindset is in that sort of mindset, you'll sometimes see that it's super cool :)).

"Sometimes later becomes never"... so we should start things now! That time to start or continue whatever you're doing... the best time was before (years, months, days, just then...), the second best time is now! - as stated by a chinese proverb ^^.

Beneficial resources for simple ways to get started on organising some aspects about your life... and more!

Spice of Life
It's life.

Note: not all the sayings and quotes in my blog have been tagged in a category, only because I picked out the main points of the categories, or something along those lines.

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