Welcome to Daily Thinkering! This is a blog about everything surrounding perception: thoughts, finding oneself, productivity, art, change, judgement and much more. It's perception appreciation! Appreciation for the things we see :) It's a niche of another dimensional plane.

In this website you'll also find the Resources tab, where I will be constantly adding helpful products and services that will support you in things such as organisation. It's slowly accumulating, so check back regularly!

Daily Thinkering was started in late 2017 after I realised that my daily diary entries were something that came to me naturally. These diary entries were something nice to meet and become committed to everyday. While I maintain my daily diary commitment up to today, this blog also posts daily of quotes and short statements there to be interpreted however by the user (it's entirely up to you). In other words, you can use these posts as a foundation to come clean with your thoughts.

This blog is continually growing in content, with its new Resources and Extras tab, for their respective meanings. I'd most recommend checking them both out, where Resources provides helpful tools, and Extras reminisces some posts that have existed at one point in time 

If you're interested in Daily Thinkering's content, consider leaving a comment, share it with others or subscribe for daily bursts of thought. Have a nice day, and don't forget to cherish the truly precious things around you.
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I am no certified psychologist. I'm simply a teenager who wants to move forward, and see others do so too :) so take what you will from my posts. Also, you are more than welcome to leave some feedback in comments - I'll take it!

P.S.S I have put up some Artworks onto Redbubble and Teespring!:

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