"Earning respect through knowing your priorities."

In this world, where judgement, social pressure and many individuals live upon this Earth simultaneously, respect is needed. Respect is needed because it gives yourself a certain 'untouchability' that hints at your strength and repels most unneeded attention. Rather than being harmless, which may in the end harm you because of defencelessness, or rather than being malicious, which will harm relationships, respect is a clean way to earn that unspoken social position amongst peers.

Respect clears one of being dragged around by others... and such they can attend to their priorities. Knowing your priorities really sets yourself up to lead your own life, and that seems to correlate with respected (or even slightly feared, from a 'respect' point of view) way.

Saying 'yes' to every request is harmful - to your time and goals especially. Don't get me wrong, if everyone can spare some help in this world, it would be a warmer place. I refer to the extreme times where you're almost always handing out your time like it's the worth of a napkin.

I write this to you as a lesson I learned today, having given much time away this past few days to others. I should watch myself, too. This would be hypocritical, otherwise, though hypocrisy isn't the point I'm trying to avoid. What I'm trying to avoid is writing about something that is useless or unmeaningful to our lives, which is not what this blog is about.

Where are the priorities?
- Teri

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