"Know who you can trust."

A lot of people that you make connections with. You might chat with them about things because you have a same interest, or maybe a class together... That's all nice, fun and light; it's a nice thing.

When it comes to deeper concerns, we need to be careful - you don't reveal everything to the world, and for many reasons. Reasons include exposing yourself to people who might exploit you, or simply wasting time where instead you can be taking time to learn something... to create meaning in this world stepping away is crucial.

So! We must realise the people we can put at heart. Maybe it's a family member, or a nice friend... somebody who has your best interest in mind when it comes to advice, and things like that.

It comes to the post from yesterday, where not everyone is perfect, too. And that's fine. When you fall in love, you're essentially falling in love with a set of flaws, too. It's lovely.

- Teri

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