"Despite flaws."

Maybe they have an annoying habit that makes you flinch. Maybe hey use words that you don't like. Maybe they're forgetful, or have a trait that you had overcome when you were younger. Maybe they don't meet your expectations in another way completely. That's what flaws are - things wrong with them, roughly-speaking.

Yet, we still love them. They're still the people we sync with, the ones who we entrust for help, the ones we would help in return.

We love them for their good traits: caring, considerate, intelligent, compassionate, etc. And we love them for their flaws, for it's what makes their 'other-half', in which they change around: loud, annoying, a little naïve, perhaps.

Despite flaws, we love them. This world poses imperfections, yet we make what we will and love what we can. It's a nice thing :D

Have a nice day :).
- Teri

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