"Daunting new experiences are necessary."

It's new. It's scary. That's fine.

Something at first thought or imagination is probably quite different from the actual experience of execution.

For example, learning to drive: the thought of driving into a crowded, urban area is daunting. At first impulse, we want to postpone the driving until next time, but it's the lack of experience that has gotten us there in the first place, and yet... The inexperience is simply a turn-off - like, fair enough, that you're afraid, but that's not gonna solve anything. So, drive. The fact that you're worried right now is showing that you have every intention to be careful, so just follow instructions and think for yourself.

A closed door? When we were born, our lives were full of them; look at all the open ones now. No matter how fearfully we opened them, we opened them.

What's the next door we want to see?
- Teri

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