Special Post! Koi Fish: Continuity Is Power

Good morning! Welcome to an unconventional post :D

To give the brief: basically I've entered the UC Creative Competition, and the voting is now open!

So, if you could spare half a minute... could you vote for my design? It only takes a moment, and is at no cost:

My design is called Koi Fish: Continuity Is Power. It's about koi fish symbolism regarding perseverance and determination - you can find the full description of it in the link above.

That's it for this small post! Thank you for anyone who voted :))

Have a nice day, and thanks again.
- Teri

PS If you're interested in having this design on a t-shirt, or any other kind of apparel, home decor, etc. I'm currently working on putting them onto my Teespring. While the design is already up on Redbubble, if you want a t-shirt, I'd recommend waiting for the Teespring selections because it allows the double-sided shirt design - you have this as a back-shirt design, which I think is cooler :D

[NOTE AS OF 15th NOVEMBER 2020: VOTING HAS CLOSED. Thanks for voting!]

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