"It's a juggling act.

Juggling act - in life you can't just have one ball and focus your life onto it. We have a lot of responsibility - our health, our career, our relationships, our wealth... It can't all be taken care of one at a time, why, it's a process of intertwining everything within each other.

Take assignments, when it gets to busy days like college: most students would solely focus their days on the one due first. However, when it comes to juggling you have to anticipate the next ball, focus on where the other ones are, etc. etc. By the time you finish the first one you'd have wasted much time on the others, so it's good to make progress on all. It's true that some quotes stress the importance of putting a large amount of effort on things to be successful, but that in itself requires juggling between the four segments listed above.

Juggling act... Let's go!
- Teri

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