"Accept that you can't force everything."

Okay so maybe something isn't going as you'd like to expect it. In this post I'll be referring to how it might be that a certain relationship that hasn't met your expectations.

Let's say you were to express your dissatisfaction... placing your expectations on them (assuming they're much different from what's happening - you presenting your brainstormed canvas), what then? Unless it's totally urgent and things have clearly been flying haywire amongst the relationship, is it really worth telling somebody to be something in your vision? Imagine being told to be different from how you've been going... what then?

Think it through, maybe.

On the other hand, there are times when it's totally necessary... For example, there's been a horrible habit running through some friends/relatives and it's been affecting you a lot. Voicing something to bring everyone back on track is right.

Overall, try to consider best interest, and long-term effects ^^. Have a nice day!
- Teri

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