"You know who you like."

Who are 'your people'? Who do you feel right being with? Who matches your wavelength? Who do you love unconditionally? Who would you stop what you're doing, just to help them with something (not to the extreme - we all need that self-time, totally respect it)? Who do you feel comfortable sharing a space with?

Who takes care of you? Who pushes you to be your best? Who stands up for you, talks about you righteously, even  when you aren't there? Who treats you well? Who would stop what they are doing, just to help you with something (again, doesn't have to be extreme - we shall respect those who stand up for their own time)? Who unlocks your potential?

Where does your heart lie?

... and all your criteria :)

Who are they? I think... they're worth it. This is worth it. Oh and also, I hope you would answer yourself for some of these - self-love is half the experience - it at least allows us to see things a little more objectively ^^. Objectively speaking.

Have a nice day :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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