"We're all good at what we do."

There be the difference in many things for many people: skills, boundaries, thresholds, love, connections - friends and family, perspectives, environments, strengths, weaknesses, cognitive functions, access, talents... and so, so much more.

These mixes of attributes make up our lovely fellow Earth-neighbours. You probably have certain people you go to for specific tasks... say, your more 'smart' friends for a more thinking-intelligent task or your more 'emotional' friends for discussing a personal problem, to put it very very simply (no intention to have that be taken the wrong way, so please follow the wavelength). Point is, we have someone for everything, and that's a wonderful thing - variety is amazing/cool/interesting/prevalent/everywhere (or something else entirely to you? Comment below what you think about variety).

This post is essentially pointing out the variety in this world. It's something we ought to look at, for ourselves and others to be aware of - what's here will impact us and therefore we need to know.

What attributes do you offer for others (or yourself)?
- teriyakkii_1203

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