"If at first you don't succeed, try try again." - William Edward Hickson

A catchy quote that has rhythm. It makes sense. Even though quotes like this are a little overused, they will remain relevant in our time, and will forever remain relevant in our time. Doing things and doing them with the chance of getting it wrong is all a part of learning - there's much to learn through failure as there is success. There's just a lot of learn.

Patience is definitely needed. For example, I've been working on this IT group assignment where we are to create a couple levels of a game, where one of my teammates and I were trying to get a line of code to effectively work. It took so long, but now we can confidently say we can sleep knowing one of the most important lines of code is done. Woop woop!

The feeling of triumph, especially after failure, feels worth it.
- Teri

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