"I have options."

They say that life isn't black and white, and let's say we 'get' this concept, the idea.

We know life is a little bit more full than a straight path... we know that we'll have to walk that sort of path (if there even was a path in the first place). The directions are 360 degrees all around us... We have every way to turn, and it's up to us.

Maybe it's a little overwhelming (I suppose we're all lost, or have been, or are a little still), so maybe simplicity is where we need to begin; starting off with a broad direction. That is then when we can gradually - step by step, for sometimes forcing a whole load may be ineffective - make distinctions (as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki said) to gain more intelligence - awareness in our situations.

Where to now?
- teriyakkii_1203


  1. Where to... bubble tea....

    1. I agree that bubble tea is very good too... :)
      - teriyakkii_1203


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