"You are a genius."


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I think we are all geniuses,
I hope you do too.

Point 1: You might think you're unrefined, well, that's how all refined geniuses start, and yet they still have some unrefinement - there's always somewhere to move forward to. If you think you're at the top, sorry but, think again and keep learning. Even teachers are meant to keep learning.

Point 2: Don't believe me emotionally (or something along those lines)? Let's think logically: is it possible to be dumb at everything? The fact we're being here today is proof enough that ~~ we have a base. We have somewhere to go.

Point 3: We are born geniuses. I read one Rich Dad's Rich Kid: Smart Kid by Robert Kiyosaki and it all hit me like a wash of truth and inspirational goodness - geniuses as in a being with the desire to learn. As a kid, we never gave up until we could start walking - yes, we were naive but we still achieved a result! I'm not saying be a child again, though that's different from simply having fun, but sometimes we gotta set aside some baggage, roll our sleeves up and live our lives.

In other words, let's embrace the genius and everything along with us. And...

In terms of improving and getting better, it comes down to what we learn. For example, take IQ (an example used in the book mentioned above), IQ refers to a mental age in comparison to the average of another mental age: if someone with a 'high IQ' doesn't go to improve and polish their knowledge and wisdom, the difference between the two will slowly close and do more harm than good. So! Let's do some learning ^^ learning is great, 

Have a nice day...!

- teriyakkii_1203

Point 4: If you're denying all of this and more, don't forget to remember that learning can only take place if the learner is willing to absorb the information :).

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