"To be yourself... isn't that what contribution is all about?"

Isn't it? We all have different perceptions, and if those perceptions -ideas- -values- -beliefs- were to come together, maybe, just maybe something new will be born. I speak with some sort of perception that I've learned over the years, just like how you think, too.

That's pretty cool. Having many authentic beings living alongside you. It's comforting, scary and beautiful (or something else) all at the same time, depending how you're feeling and how you think.

Don't live to regret not unleashing this ~personality~, please. It only asks for the little things in the day where you do something with you in it (could be being around others, or by yourself, anything. We only have so long, and will only meet so many, but even so we can still do things... Things that are a tiny cause in the world.

Yep, have a nice day!
- teriyakkii_1203

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