"Teachers are here to teach, but only if the learners are willing to learn."

There has to be some form of reciprocation...! One could even be taught by the 'best' teacher in the world, but if they have a student unwilling to listen... what's the point?

Any interaction is a two-way (or more) one. We cannot simply blame the one teaching, or the one parenting us to grow when we aren't even willing to take responsibility for the position of the learner! There is no excuse, for if we don't understand something we can ask, but we don't, rather, we blame others for not giving us the skillset required at this one moment in your life.

Come on, we as learners need to learn - especially in order to teach others as we grow. We learn and grow at the same time, too! If we don't, how can we hope to leave the world with a satisfaction that we've given the best knowledge and wisdom to our future learners/teachers?

I don't know what life is, since there never was a 'life manual', but what I do know is that we can satisfy our time here by doing what we can to move forward.

Have a nice day!

- teriyakkii_1203

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