"Life is a movie."

That makes you the director, which in this case is also the main character. We, you, I - we witness our lives from beginning to end 100%! If that's not the case of a director and/or main character then I don't know what role you could be playing, as long as you're satisfied with it, though.

Let's see... this main-character-director does a lot of things. One doesn't need to know in detail about directing, but we know they do more than sit on some fold-up chair. They watch the scenes unravel in front of them, watching for the details of what they perceive. If something's wrong, a director will see it and make a decision whether or not to act on it - neither are good or bad decisions, rather, they depend on circumstance. Though, if something's wrong a director will voice their message and go again. Point is, they are tuned into things and will react when it's right.

Of course, that makes it sound like the main-character-director is alone.

Well, they're not.

If life was a movie, we'd need more than just one. Because, it takes more than one to make a movie. Side characters, background characters... even backstage operators like lighting managers and such who aren't even shown mise en scene (I'm not an expert on the film/productional fields, so excuse my shaky use of terminology). This means nothing will be the same if one, just one role was taken out, even if it be a background character or a backstage operator.

If the whole idea of 'it takes more than one' is true, then it applies to us. While we're a director and the main characters of our beautiful stories, we're also film-bombing (like photo-bombing, but with films) so, so many other people's stories. It makes a difference, that's fact. Absolutely magnificent.

How do you perceive yourself at the moment? A proud director? A quite side-character? Or something else I haven't mentioned in this post? I'd like to hear what you have to say :)

It seems the film cameras are still rolling... that's right. This is one of them one, non-stop take movies. Right, we're live.

Have a nice day filming!
- teriyakkii_1203

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