Picture frames: a place to hold your memory

Cheese! Photos are a nice way to keepsake a snapshot in time. It might be a selfie, a food photo, or a shared photo... the emotions and memory information come together nicely to make that snapshot in time.

And there comes the times you want to be reminded of them. Most people would go for the quickest, most convenient way of setting a photo - setting it as their background on their devices. This is a nice way, but why not take it a step further into the physical world? That way would be printing the memory and placing it in a photo frame.

It's like having a physical memory. A physical entity of that snapshot in time, placed in a decorative shield that carefully protects it: > Ray & Chow A4 Black Matted Picture Frame < (on Amazon). This Ray & Chow picture frame can be either wall-hung or standing, so lots of options there! Not to mention its premium and modern design and quality materials.

This way you can walk past your desk, bedside table, or wall to be reminded of a memory you once lived. The snapshot will be there laid against the protective cover.

Or maybe you'd like to put it against a magnetic surface? Such as a fridge or magnetic whiteboard, in which case you'd hang up the photo with magnets! Something clean that will match just about anything: > DIYMAG Refrigerator Magnets Premium < (on Amazon).

Whichever method you choose, or if you don't, don't forget to cherish those you appreciate, and those snapshots in time :D. Have a nice day..
- teriyakkii_1203

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