"Just one percent! 1%!"

There's something special about one percent, or 1%, and in many ways!

- The top 1% are referred to as high achievers in that certain subject, class, etc. whether it be in academics, sports, creativity, intrapersonal skills... everyone has a skill that they're in the top 1% for. You gotta dig into yourself and look, because if you don't look you'll never find the treasure. We all have that genius, as Robert Kiyosaki's books say.
- 1% is more than 0%: there's a HUGE difference between nothing and a little bit of something. When it comes to percentages and possibilities, that 1% is the difference between the impossible and the possible. Doing that something flips something impossible completely around to make it something true.

1, or one, is a cool number. What will be do with the power of 1% today?

... Aaaaaand as always have a nice day :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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