How to get your PRIORITIES STRAIGHT with this simple and affordable item

Priorities are the one of the very things (people, topics, ideas...) that drive your decisions and thoughts everyday. They could be considered something to 'base' your day around to make sure your intentions are aligned - quite straightforward in one way or another. With the speed of life and the things in between running as they are, there are times when we forget base. This post will give one of the options to solve this.

The solution we're looking for should be simple and foundational (foundational in the sense that it's something one can come back to). It should also aid in visualisation because visualising things gives us an accurate idea of what we want, yes.

Here we are: sticky notes! Get yours right away: > Post-it Notes Jaipur Collection < (on Amazon).

Why this physical, little sheet of sticky paper? Well, there's many reasons:

- You can write on them: maybe a to-do list to stick on your desk or at the fridge, or a quote that you stumbled across that hit hard. Wherever you might stick them, they'll bring that idea back to your mind.
- Convenient: small and recyclable, these little notes are very easy to grab from your drawer or desk to jot down those ideas right away. Just peel and start writing (not to mention that the peeling part is quite satisfying).
- Affordable but durable: this simple item, compared to other idea-jotting products and services, as a one-time use product is cheap. Though sticky notes have been known to not be able to stick very well once you take it off a surface after sticking it against one once, sticky notes these days have become 'stronger'.
- Decoration: yes, hanging these on your desk does add an aesthetic to your workplace. Put them anywhere you like. Of course, while the idea on the paper comes first, all your ideas compiled in such a way can be quite pleasing to the eye:

With pros come cons. The downsides include:

- One-time uses: though they can be two-time use, unless you know you can use these notes wisely you may want to consider how many notes you intend to use.
- Other electronic options: this information age offers many free services with note-taking options. Yes, they serve very helpful purposes when you're on the device(s). The downside to this con is that they are only stored on your device, and that whenever you don't use your device it can quickly be forgotten (for example how teachers say writing things down helps you remember better).

Do as you please with these pros and cons.

I have many notes on my desk at the moment... there's a recommendation that I'd suggest, how to best use sticky notes:

- Present them depending on your remembering preferences: I have my notes dangling on paper clips, pegs and clamps (like a down-ward direction). It makes sense when it comes to reading down-wards, such as how we do so with books. One line of notes include general goals like a list of ordered priorities and a (rough) daily to-do list. Other notes have quotes that I found particularly interesting. As for other preferences, you may like to organise them randomly if you find it interesting, maybe adventurous. Some printed images, comics, etc. that you enjoy can be put next to these notes, partially for decoration :)

That's the jist of this small and affordable item. If you're interested in using these in and around your workplace, house, or anywhere: > Post-it Notes Jaipur Collection < (on Amazon).

What you do with sticky notes falls onto you, for they're simply another blank canvas to start organising one's ideas :) Have a nice day!
- teriyakkii_1203

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