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Want to start organising your life, want to begin documenting your activities and see your self-improvement GROW?

I have a simple solution that you can start going for: a paper diary - something that the most well-known and wealthy people keep to to document their ideas, and everything else. Want to get one right this moment? You're one click away > Essentials Grid-lined Notebook <.

Now, I shall explain a bit to you. This writing is from a person who's committed to diary-writing since 2017 (it's 2020 at the moment). Right this way, please:

How can I get organised by writing?

Simply put, diaries are any empty book that has the potential to be filled with ideas, notes and a ton of other things. Because they're empty, they provide the canvas where one can start organising ideas, which is the general concept. The magical thing is, your ideas don't have to be organised in the first place! Once you begin writing (or the like), over time you'll slowly gather yourself. The key points this post will run over are:
- What you can do with diaries,
- What keeps people committed or uncommitted to keeping a diary, and how that benefits you overall, and
- My recommendations

What you can do with diaries
Diaries are books that are there to be filled out by you. Usually written in notebooks, it's a place to write your thoughts, your emotions and memories - all carefully and gradually documented over time to create a book of you. It's a place to go off into your own world, to write and speak your mind. It's something to uncover whenever you need to reset your mind, or whenever you like to remember something nice and personal.

There are many features that different retailers/manufacturers provide to personalise each notebook further. This includes templates for schedules, to-do lists and self-reflections. There are even blank pages to leave it entirely up to the user. For example, the notebook that I have recommended in this post (found here) uses a dot-grid, which makes it convenient for bullet-journalling (for lists, dot-point reflections, notes, etc.) This open-grid style also makes a nice paper space for sketching, graphing and drawing.

In the long-term, you have yourself your emotions, thoughts, memories all there on paper - it's like a personality test but it's something you can understand most. Maybe you liked this one memory that can inspire something, or maybe you wrote about this one dream that is fun to read about (writing about your dreams is a great idea to remember them, since they slip away fast). It can be used as a weapon (a friendly? one) to move the next step.

Of course, to use this blank canvas to its fullest potential, one must be able to let their mind flow consistently:

Committed and uncommitted diary-writers
To be committed is to be able to acknowledge your short-term rewards AND your long-term rewards, and to choose the one that aligns with your committment. In terms of diaries, it means you write at least once your timeframe that you've given yourself: once a day, once a week, or maybe fortnightly. Nonetheless, depending on your day and how much you plan to write, it can take as little as 5 minutes from your 24-hour day, to write a few words: "My day was nice, spent some time with family." (... something like that). Personally, I have written daily since halfway through 2017 (it's halfway through 2020 now. How I began writing is mentioned below)... okay maybe I missed a few days, but I always caught up, with a sidenote saying 'I wrote this on the next day'...

In other words, you can start with a small commitment. Don't forget that you can always change ;) (the way you go about it, I mean).

I've told many friends to start writing their journals. I appreciate the small handful that began :). While I appreciate my other friends who didn't begin from me telling them to write (I suppose telling someone to do something right-up isn't that persuasive, however...), they said that they have begun writing before, but they never stuck with their commitment. Busyness may have been another excuse, but the fact that we had pretty much the same level of homework meant that the way we saw the commitments were different. In other words, they saw that keeping up a diary was a huge commitment. 

There are many ways to change perception, but that ultimately begins with the belief in yourself and your potential... your potential to change and adapt to your thoughts and environment in your favourable way... something like that.

My recommendations with diaries (a short story, but skip to notes if you don't want to read story)
I started writing a diary because of BTS (Bangtan Boys). Well, kind of. My friend the previous year had bought me a pretty 365 diary from a cute stationery store. It had a thick, dense cover with '365' written on the front, and a golden line of shinyness along the edges of each page which made it look like a golden book when you closed it. Each page had a number, where the first page was '1', and it went all the way up to '365' (a spare page for '366'). I wanted to start on '1', but I always missed the mark. So! After watching a BTS video with them writing in their diaries, I got inspiration and I quickly started. Anyway, here are the notes:

- It's your canvas, if your mind gets sidetracked and it's sort of lingering in your mind, WRITE IT DOWN! This goes for dreams or ideas that you suddenly get - doesn't hurt to WRITE IT DOWN!
- Start with the date for the first line, and if you have a main lesson you learnt for the day (or some recurring idea/thought), put that on the second line. It's tidy, but of course, it can be written anywhere, anytime, friend.
- Write something you're thankful for. Simple acts of gratitude to acknowledge what has made you you.
- Write something you can do tomorrow, or later. It's like preparing for tomorrow.
- What I got inspired by from BTS: write a 'Today's Resolutions' and a 'Regrets'. Can be as simple as 'I helped wash the dishes' and 'forgot about priorities. I'd put it at the end of the entry, it's also easier to put it at the end because it's like a summary, which is easy to do after you've written everything down.
- Enjoy!

Did you... read all that? That's absolutely amazing... Thank you! Maybe you'd like to start writing down your ideas to organise yourself, or maybe you're a diary-lover like me already - thanks!

So, you've read all this... how can I start?

Here's a direct link, straight to a highly-rated, affordable and flexible diary, sold on the trustworthy Amazon:

What could you possibly be waiting for, if not to begin organising your life? Do yourself a favour.

I'm happy to write about something I've been simply doing for these years. It's nice. Know what else should be nice? This day! So! Have a nice day :)
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I will acknowledge that I have probably missed some pretty great tips and ideas around this topic. Please feel free to comment down below about them! (Or about anything, really). :)

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