Bernard: A Slippery Encounter

A Slippery Encounter

Whoa! Bernard the octopus blocks your way! His kind eyes and peaceful stance attempt to assert dominance over this situation.

What's up, Bernard?

"My apologies, this place isn't ready to be shown quite yet..." his voice trailed off as fast as his slippery movements did.

I see.

Bernard seems to be deep in thought.


He doesn't seem like much for conversation.

... So Bernard, what's under construction right now?

He visibly began to think harder, until he thought of something:





You don't talk much, do you, Bernard?

"I don't, I think."



"If you'll excuse me, I'm going back to work now." Bernard hesitantly starts to slip back to his position, a stop sign in one tentacle and a plank of wood in another. He left, but he dropped a piece of paper titled Resources.

It's a short document about their construction, it's hand written and slippery, so Bernard must have written this during our conversation... Resources is a place where people can come to find many great things that they can use to their benefit. This includes products and services and websites that are relevant and super helpful to the everyday person! 

Sounds awesome! Can't wait for construction to finish! Now that I'm here, wouldn't it be nice to check out some Artworks?

Editor's note: be back soon for a Bernard-built site of some pretty helpful resources ;) subscribe for daily bursts of words and quotes, too! See you later, and have a nice day ^^.

Another editor's note: this post was shown instead of the 'Resource' tab when it was being constructed :). This will be found in the future in the 'Extras' tab.

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