"What does it mean to look at the bigger picture?"

"Analyse", "zoom out", "be objective". Something like that. It's when one steps away from looking at a specific detail of one thing, and instead looks at how that and other specific details all come together. Something along those lines. In other words, 'does this work?', 'does this fit?'.

Even being 'objective' is quite subjective, because, well, like a lot of us know/accept/realise/acknowledge (or not), humans are humans. And humans cannot exactly be the most knowledgeable, the most fair, or even the most anything for that matter. We are beings that think (not the only beings who can, as we consider something we all assume, or at least, something that is logical enough to believe... but anyway!). It's that we can do things in the way we know how, maybe that's 'enough', or maybe not, but what we do know is that we can do things, and if we want, to the best of our ability.

In other words! You got this, we got this. Looking at the bigger picture is considered getting a breather, and that is necessary a lot of the time. Just take care and make sure everything 'works'... like cog work I suppose. Have a nice day, and take care (make sure you're okay and being you, is what I mean. At least, from a person like me it's what I got to say :D).
- teriyakkii_1203

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