"How to make friends."

I can only really stress one main thing: be you. There's nothing more tiring than being someone you aren't, because we all have our unique personalities that we own. If you're awkward, yeah! Be awkward! If you're unsure of things! Be unsure, or even look further into things! You know, it'll be nice to find somebody(ies) who like you, when you are being you ^^ it is nice.

There's so many other instances that this previous paragraph don't apply to, so it'll be up to your judgement. Like: did I do something wrong to them? Is it wrong for them to think so? What kind of person are they? These sound quite judgemental when you read them, but most of the answers to these questions come to people differently (e.g it seems they/I had a feeling...).

Let's go!
- teriyakkii_1203

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