"Cause and effect."

A lot of things happen around us, or to us... what happens next pretty much always relies on what we do, as someone who has encountered a cause.

They tell us to think it through. It makes sense, though in the 'heat of the moment' it may be difficult, something must be done (even though it may be nothing). Maybe it becomes instinct - knowing what to do, or maybe we need the mindset and willpower to regain ourselves in whatever moment we are in. Power~

Things happen causing things to happen causing things to happen causing things to happen and infinitely. It doesn't mean we have to be utmost careful in decisions, for 1) we still can do great decisions no matter what! 2) we're here to make decisions no matter what! 3) we learn! 4) we live! 5) we be... You could say it's a balancing thing, but everything can be everything, so you do you.

Also, the image was simply an art from the top of my head, It's different. Have a nice day :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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