"You know what's for you."

And only you. I didn't see it coming this morning, but this blog must be refreshed (in one way or another):

In the beginning, posting on a blog made me satisfied, as I had a place to come to to share all the things I've learnt (complementing my journal was a bonus). I do believe that the posts in the beginning have more meaning than my posts now (check them out through the Archive, found at the right column "Blog Archive"). As much as I find contentment in sharing and teaching stories and lessons with others, there was one thing I had forgotten - and I had second guessed the worth of typing when I was getting less satisfaction.

In terms of decisions, when you have grown a habit, it's not a one-moment decision to change it. This thought had been coming up a lot, yet I stuck to the habit. This has changed through the years - I blogged though on trips away from home, or way too late at night, and I still enjoy it - so this blog is proof that the meaning of actions and habits can change over time. Being aware of a saying along the lines of 'knowing what's good for you' was there, yet it was likely the 'habit' that kept me from seeing a connection between it and the blog. Don't get me wrong - I will come back to this soon!

I suppose I'll end the post with the intention that I had begun with at the beginning: to support. At least take something out of this - this is a long-term lesson for me, so I'm unsure if it is relevant to you, but I will note the importance of making sure that 'you' are in the decisions you make. In other words, why not ask questions to yourself? It'll justify your choices (don't get them confused with excuses haha).

Have a nice day ^^. See you soon!
- teriyakkii_1203

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