“A frog in a well cannot discuss the ocean, because he is limited by the size of his well. A summer insect cannot discuss ice, because it knows only its own season. A narrow-minded scholar cannot discuss the Tao, because he is constrained by his teachings. Now you have come out of your banks and seen the Great Ocean. You now know your own inferiority, so it is now possible to discuss great principles with you." - Zhuang Zi

Our positions seem to restrict what we are trustworthy (enough) in talking about. A quick note: as someone who isn't a well-known philosopher, or motivational person, I will say that it is not expected, that you trust in what I type in... Influencers are made to change people's habits, and those of the sorts, and so as somebody who doesn't fully associate themselves with those people, my approach to sharing these is as somebody who's making it through. So, this blog is here for passer-by's :)

There. Small confession/statement done. Wishing you dear passer-by a nice day.
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. Get good amounts of sleep :)

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