"Trust in the process."

I participated in #GirlsInProperty today - an Australian-wide event which professionals working in the property field come to inspire young females about the property industry. Lunch and morning tea provided (it was delicious), a short tour of a construction site is shown, and girls are to partake in a short project group assignment. Three to four school were involved - 80 girls altogether, and we were encouraged to 'network' - meet new people from other schools.

During the panel chats and those talks, the speakers had really good points, and not only about the property industry. They talked about career and the future in general - tips that they've learnt as individuals that have gone through many things relating to choices - both personal and career. Some of the speakers have stumbled across opportunities which were as if split roads - they would be very different now had they not taken the opportunity. Others had to make their opportunities - starting from less materialistically abundant, and growing! Inspiring.

Trust in the process then? Enjoy the journey, as they say. I'm saying this as someone's who's learning as much as everyone else.
- teriyakkii_1203

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