“If you don’t acknowledge what you have how are you going to improve more?” - Me

I had grown a habit where I would always look up to see the stars - the ones you want to reach. To reach them, I would tell myself that the ground is really far away and exaggerate it to let myself know that I can grow, though the method was to sort of pressure me. This worked for a while, but with pretending it continued until I saw differently - like I wasn’t pretending anymore. I had forgotten that the stars I wanted to reach still required me to keep me feet on the ground.

I forgot that you can be two different things at the same time - that maybe the whole idea of opposites made me think you could only be one thing. You can be kind, but also tough as you stand up for yourself. You can be energetic but also can. You can be working but enjoying yourself - doing something you love. I had forgotten that. So now, on the ground we’ve learnt a new thing, and will begin to live with the stars again...

Love yourself now, keep that up... and from there we go towards our stars.
- teriyakkii_1203

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