"Why road trips create stronger bonds."

'Develop your skills."

I've been thinking about that quote from an anime called Assassination Classroom (it was a title of a blogpost two days ago):

"An assassin without a second blade is no assassin at all." - Koro Sensei, Assassination Classroom

Koro Sensei here was referring to the fact that the characters he was talking to shouldn't only be relying on one thing. In this case, along with the task the characters (students) were assigned, they should also be working for good grades. This way, they all had different branches of skills to use for their futures.

When it comes to skillset, it's pretty much inarguably helpful to have various skills - especially because there's an unlimited number of situations that can happen in the world. To have multiple things - strengths is an idea to consider. Of course, improving the strengths we already have is a great idea as it supports the things that we want to do, or would like to do.

On a more subtle hand, it seems that personalities which are identified with many skills make them seem more capable of doing things. For example, you'd see this as a student or a member attending a road trip, camp or tour with a bunch of people: people's 'new sides'. For instance, the very situation of being with people for the whole day, rather than a select few hours very much increases the chances of seeing an aspect of the person you haven't heard of/seen before. Must be why road trips bond people very much in most cases :)

Developing skillset also gives more reason for oneself to do more things that matter to them :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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