“Keep moving forward.”

There’s so, so many hardships in life. We all feel it sometimes, don’t we? It can and probably does hurt... and there we stand almost helplessly in the centre of cloudy, thick fog. The fog gets into your head and it feels a little heavy. It’s weighing down. It’s probably what they call a setback, you think. Then there’s the times where we long for a clear mind once again.

Even so, there are many times where people will be courageous and step against the thickness of the fog. Lots of the time it isn’t from fearlessness, for fear can sometimes take us. Instead, there are many possible reasons why one would face a fear... it could simply be the sake of a clear mind once again.

Anyway, a goal such as facing the fear or mental burden and either seem as big or small... either way if you don’t like it, it must be that the fog must be acknowledged first. Can’t fix a problem if you don’t identify it as a problem... that sounds okay in this case right? :)
- teriyakkii_1203

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