"Your opinion is not my reality." - Dr. Steve Maraboli

Opinions upfront that go against you - they can have stressing urge to fight back, or even not say anything. Despite what you feel, it might be better to look at things objectively, especially when it's a powerful topic such as a controversial topic.

I'll be direct - when it comes to topics that there is no right answer, opinions and the nature of society these days will result in pushiness. This includes other's stating their opinions (and very little of the time actually trying to help the person) where they do so simply to state their feeling for the topic. I don't know whether or not respect is the right thing here, or solving it to a good extent - like middle ground. That's for one person to decide for themselves, especially since society these days have come to have so much convenience, the 'magic pill' idea is almost seen to be true, but no, sometimes it's living life that makes it worthwhile.

Continuing on, everyone has their own opinions. Persuading someone to your side seems possible, but when someone's already chosen a side, it's just about 100% that they've weighed up the pros and cons. Of course, not everything is black and white - someone might choose a grey area and stick there for whatever their reason. It's all fine, for one's opinion can be however strong right?

Building yourself: When it comes to being offended, people say to not offend people in the first place. Well, yes, in a way. It's nice to be considerate to others, but let's say you're on the recieving end regardless. Someone's stating an opinion you're against, what do you do? You can use it as a mental will training time - and I'm absolutely NOT saying this is related to arrogance or ignorance. I'm saying that being able to listen and adjust your view based on the other person's points are both expanding your region of knowledge about the topic. I'm not saying this is a test of keeping your ground - stubborness. If they make good points, acknowledge it! Even if it still doesn't completely waver your opinion at the moment, it's still nice to show you're listening to the person, and the fact that you've determined how you're going to apply the person's words into your values will earn some respect. In other words, listening is nice, self-thinking is nice, it just comes down to how one reacts to a situation.

The context behind this... a controversial topic was brought up and I shared an opinion that my peers were against. I guess they tried to convince me, but I'm not sure their true motivation behind the passion I felt. They definitely use explanations that can pull belief and value strings, and even at the point of possibly touchy subjects. I won't say if they did, but it's not their fault for believing their things. I didn't actually debate back, merely because my opinions would not waver their passionate opinions and that a debate in the nature that it was... didn't seem convincingly fun to take part in.

I'm being careful with my response(s), on this post and blog, as well as in my life. I respect your decisions on this too ^^

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, I end up looking forward to more mental training this way. This is my opinion, what's yours?
- teriyakkii_1203

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