"Regret is a form of punishment itself." - Nouman Ali Khan

With the way life seems to work... we have an instinct to do something. In this case, depending on willpower, mindset, etc. it can be something that requires many steps... or not. Either way, the lesson on that (which isn't the point here, but very important) is the outcome and whether or not that aligns with best interest (e.g: eating an apple or eating ice cream). And so, once that goal is made clear to the mind, the mind will strive towards it, however it is easily influenced by other things such as habits.

In other words, when you (really) have decided on something, go towards it while expecting setbacks and expecting to overcome them. If there's an emptiness of not having the wanted goal progressed towards at a certain time, regret will show itself.

On a side note, there will be doubts. There will be doubts. There will be second-guesses - is it really worth it? In many times, that question isn't interpreted in the literal way it is, and instead 'is it really worth it?' is given a dim, more-negative light. That is when we need to come back to fundamental reasoning and strategies - so really, 'was it really worth to begin?', 'why did I begin it in the first place?'. As Tom Bilyeu in a video perfectly illustrates an example: 'you didn't become an architect to impress your parents, etc. You became an architect to build houses for people to live in'. This seems to take prudence, patience and open-mindedness.

While on the topic of fundamentals, it is that society these days are creating lessons based on past lessons - progressing. Although I do acknowledge the helpfulness and necessity of progressing, there are times when it is still completely okay to look back - at past lessons. Whenever that time calls, there are times of confusion, and usually it helps to look back at the ground from the height you've climbed the tree. The branches are lessons and events that put a place that you can come back to, and the ground is the fundamentals of where you learn.

... Goodnight!
- teriyakkii_1203

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