"There's so many options, and you have to choose."

We must choose whether to take it or not... how far we're going to go with it... it's not 120% black and white when it comes to things which might seem so. Even so, it's definitely no use overthinkering* like I had done today.

I was deciding whether or not to take up an extracurricular activity and completely drowned myself wondering if I were to regret or not, all while time was being drained. I realised that there was a possibility if I were to change my mind something could work out, but I really didn't want anything to go that way because of some indecision. Looking back, I have a much clearer mind now, which also seems to have cleared up my view on some other things I looked and thought in a way I didn't like.

Of course, our preferences are different, but my point is what it is - choose you! That's probably the one thing that I've come back to and decided to not change - as in a bio or something.

I was aware it wasn't bad being indecisive, and I'm fine that I know I'm not that completely that way. It's simply knowing your options, and my job to realise that and progress further will be to make those decisions calmer and quicker. There's always a next step higher... "The sky's the limit!", isn't it?
- teriyakkii_1203

P.S. I apologise... this was posted a day late, to make up for this I will do two posts today :)

*see what I did there? To be honest, that was a complete accident, haha ^^ Have a nice day :))

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