"Find simplicity in complexity." - Lao Tzu

Reading more of the 'Te of Piglet', it made me feel much different than when I hadn't progressed reading the book... for about a week I believe. Having listening to this book, you're brought to the awareness that there's much that society nowadays overlooks - there's the world we're living in... In the book they use an example - it talks about when a certain bear (Pooh) got stuck in Rabbit's front door. The ways of the simple-mindedness amazingness in Rabbit is that he used Pooh's legs to dry clothes, and that he would use the back door from then on ^^ Maybe it was a little mean to Pooh, but other than the huge message, it also probably gave a minimalistic amount of insight to the options out there.

We'll keep going ! Goodnight !
- teriyakkii_1203

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