"First, accept sadness. Realize that without losing, winning isn't so great." Alyssa Milano

That pretty much describes times when I feel emotionally drained. This of which, according to dream dictionaries, is how I was/'ve been for a few days. I know being sad teaches - it gives you a different perspective for the time being :) so it's not completely a bad thing to feel it. Even so, people like me will try to cheer themselves up/distract themselves from it - it lets go, and as most of us have heard from many places - it takes more to let go than it does to hold on.

So, happiness isn't without sadness, and that applies to and teaches us about so many other things. Well, that reminds me of the kind of quotes I used to be able to relate to quite a bit. Of course, especially for the people who find it nice to look at quotes from time to time, there's so many for so many different situations. The kind I'd enjoy looking at and saving was the ones that made my friend ask: "Are you depressed?". I was slightly shocked by the answer because these quotes didn't make me feel that way, nor was I depressed to see them. I suppose I liked them because they seemed so deep, and powerful. I guess they're still as good now, it's simply that I found my preferences change, yep.

This also relates to the Assassination Classroom quote, one of them... (type up 'Assassination Classroom on the search bar at the very top!). I won't go too into detail because one of those posts say pretty much what I want to say, but briefly I'll describe the lesson: somebody who finds themselves winning all the time without putting much effort can find themselves in shock when different results come out. If they are able to learn this before or soon after realising this, the effort and their talent can achieve even greater. Ah Assassination Classroom is such a good anime!

Being sad/losing does make you feel quite down. But it's good to know it'll pass and you'll be content again, just like how that passed. In most cases we shouldn't force our emotions/feelings to be one way or another too much, because it often ends up the complete opposite as your mind was so focused on being that way, that you become that way.

It's about remaining level-headed and noticing that you are one way to stay in control. Whatever the emotion, stay in control :) Embrace where we are, for it's not only time that will tell how our lives go :))) It's us, and how we interact with our environment.
- teriyakkii_1203

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  1. Ah... and let's not forget that even if we find ourselves in the same position as a while ago, we've grown in between somewhere. That's about certain, but there's so much potential, so let's move ahead~!


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