"There's no greater burden than great potential." - Charles M. Schultz

This tends to eventually make it into my mind when I begin to overthink, or think too 'deeply'. When it gets to the point when I am seeing that my mind is being completely overrun by thoughts instead of me living in the present, before I simply run away, I must reason in my mind what's and why those thoughts are running. One option may be to run away, how there's no escaping what controls most of your body when it comes to your thoughts.

Of course, what runs through your mind is what you let run through your mind. So, whatever we reason/tell ourselves will depend on our thoughts. Like many quotes say, when you don't like something you must change it, so I told myself today (oh, right, this quote comes from my mind running into overthink mode) it's either find a good reason to tell yourself it's going to be fine the way it is, or change my outlook on it completely.

This will 100% sound confusing because I'm not stating the problem. I can say one of the contributors though - I read a fanfiction that was really sad and had a bad ending T_T it hurted. Of course it was a good hurt, however my mind kind of got a bit sad from it. Although my outside was fine, my friend (somehowwwwW) was able to see through it, and pretty much it made me happy to know people like her and everybody else :))

SO, life keeps moving so I will too.
- teriyakkii_1203


  1. Loving this quote and your blog xx

    1. I love this quote so much too! It's something that seems to come back to my mind so much!

      Also thank you! ^^ Have a good day~


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