"Every small thing matters, but it's when those small things combine and grow that counts."

I'm going to let off this first, and I believe exactly this: the best people to look to to become rich and successful is to listen to the rich and successful. Yes, I am putting up quotes (the occasional saying that was stuck in my head for the day) that might be better said and deeply-explained by the successful (remember success isn't necessarily 'money' wealthy, but part of it is). I'm learning just as much as the people who aren't as big as those people, and I want to learn beside the great people around and (especially) next to me, and if it happens that you come back to see this blog, you're one of them!

I'm sharing these quotes (as I like looking at quotes/awesome song lyrics) that I find extremely valuable, of which many I see the rich and successful say. A specific quote may not be the kind of one you'll want to hear at the time, however I can relate :) The days I feel most lighthearted/empathetic I like to see those short, fluffy (or maybe sharp) quotes, whereas on sadder days I find it easier to understand deeper quotes. Then just about all the time, I like to see those lighthearted quotes! I am quite aware that we all have these different preferences, it's the kind of imperfection that makes the world so perfect my friend ^^.

Okay, I've been slightly bothered these couple days but now that I've said that ^ I feel fine :)

I'm quite sure there are some quotes out there that are similar to this one, but this repeats in my mind when my situation is based around it. Every small thing matters, we have heard of that, and it's special! But when those things accumulate, when there's more of those little things, it's a big thing! For better or for worse, of course. A good example includes hard work and practice, one practice may do something, but another is double! On the other hand, one unhealthy snack plus another... can't help our futures as well as something less processed would :) So we should take care of each of our decisions.

I do not intend on wasting anyone's time, or mine. Let's do this together~ goodnight!
- teriyakkii_1203

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