"Practice makes improvement, not perfect-ness, thingly." - (My sister)

At first when I heard the 'improvement' part, it sounded off. But of course, it makes sense after a couple seconds, I'm sure if someone said that you'd realise right away. There really is no perfect in this world, you can study and understand something really well, yet there'll certainly still be more out there to come, I believe we've faced something relating to that in some point of our lives... That's the beauty of life, for if everything came easily, what would there be to look forward to? We've all looked forward to, or feared the things that stood out which brought on that extra spice in life, whether that be spiders or a holiday coming up. That's why I think embracing what's around us is important.

I write this blog to write down my thoughts as I slowly try to improve everyday, and I share the strongest quotes that I find each day. Live your lives!
- teriyakkii_1203

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