"Everyone's timing is different." - Jay Shetty

Another inspiring person who leads by example ^^! Everyone's events, lessons and personalities are different, that's straightforward to be aware of, yet it takes a small step further to understand, because you'll understand when you're put a position that makes you reflect so, right?

It's about impossible to not compare to others, that's probably one of my biggest flaws. I want to make sure I'm on top of things, but I sometimes take that too far and end up using others as guidelines. I am aware I shouldn't, and I have taken it to the point where it's starting to be noticed by me (because before I knew I was, but I suppose I didn't think much of it - big mistake). It's good to learn from mistakes, yes! That's right, right? However if there were a mistake that was made intentionally or something that you learn the exact same lesson, something needs to change, and the lesson will just about be the same - don't waste your time learning the same thing.

Sure it's good to spend time on things to really learn it. Just make sure priorities are there.
- teriyakkii_12034


  1. You are perfect the way you are Teryaki!

    1. ^^ Thank you ~ you are just as perfect too


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