"If your mind is strong, all difficult things will become easy; if your mind is weak, all easy things will become difficult." - Chinese Proverb

A strong foundation is required to build its way on and up! In other words, it would be morally 'better' to make a decision you deem important when you're in what you believe is your right mind. We need to bring about a flexible and open mind in order to explore a wide range of options which could be in front of us. I think a strong mind is able to find an easy way to present the task at hand at its best (for the person). A weak mind doesn't express these sort of actions.

In a similar but altered situation, we want to make good decisions for the better (when it really counts especially). Like many times, it can seem foggy and cloudy, and that's when I (maybe you too~) come to instinct! That's when trust- no- faith in yourself comes into play, and that you think about the things ahead of you, moving forward too... that's the sort of thing that should occasionally come when we're in our right mind I think.

As we're living, it's hard not to come across all those situations :) what counts when it comes to that is the fact that we take a lesson while it's there, right?
- teriyakkii_1203

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