We have a meaning. Otherwise, why would we keep breathing if we knew we were going to die?

We wouldn't care if we didn't have emotions or the like. That's why I say emotions are one of the spices of life! Without them, it would be so different, hard to say how different because a difference in emotion would either make us value something less, making nothing worth it, or more which will bring on some drama or something. Everything we've been given is perfect the way it is now, I cannot think of a life with different set of given attributes. From all this, I am willing to make my own life out of it. I shouldn't be scared or fearful, I suppose no one should. Starting something late that you've wanted to do can start regret for not starting earlier. Yes, there's a chance of losing things, just be safe about that. Other than that, do as much as you believe is possible.

Imperfections are what make this so perfect. People have made a lifestyle for themselves by living by life's rules and breaking some smaller rules in between. Let's wish the best for us all !
- teriyakkii_1203

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