We all have a story, that's what makes us unique, those stories have made us who we are.

I feel good~ I've been... I don't even know, what I know is that I described my mind as clouded. I knew it wasn't as bad as I thought... yet I wanted to figure it out to flip it back and give my 'me' back. I'm always fine, because whether you think you are right or wrong, you're right!!! (quote - Unknown).

Also, we are unique, that's what people (mostly teachers, from what I've heard) say. They're usually referring to looks, but there's more! We have our unique stories as well as looks, and in a way, those unique stories have made those looks, where we are, who we are, whatever we are! Something must have gone right in at least one of those precious moment.

Your life is a precious moment. Have a nice day!
- teriyakkii_1203

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