"You can do it."

That quote shows anywhere... anyway:

You know when you surprise yourself? I'm sure it has happened, either that or there's plenty coming your way as long as you aren't doing almost nothing. I mean, it can be as small as watching some educational videos to a learning course! That feeling, feels really refreshing and reassuring, right? There's something that runs through you that makes you feel proud, and surprised of course. You may have generally known your capabilities before, but it must be much better to find yourself exceeding them.

When it comes to learning lessons, many people have to agree to learn the hard way for somethings which simply don't come quickly to them. But of course, don't misunderstand, knowing what mistake to avoid is a very good idea, and you get these from taking experiences and words from others and apply them into your life that way. One of the things some self-improvement videos tell you is that making mistakes aren't the problem, but it's not repeating them is what counts. Sometimes mistakes are repeated, but that only strengthens that idea inside your mind.

That relates to mistakes, but trying to relate this to the paragraph before this, sometimes it takes some reminders to get the idea that you have capabilities beyond what you believe. That's what I've kind of had the idea of, however it's starting to come better to me :) It's great to get advice and encouragement from others, but it's great too get some from yourself too!

We got this-
- teriyakkii_1203

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