"There's always something."

... that "has all the answers to your problems" - A Series of Unfortunate Events; another option to adapt to a situation, also room for improvement. There's those times when you know something needs to be changed, and those times when you do not - you think you're on track and everything's awesome. I'm sure those times were awesome, but I'm talking in particular about when you're working on something, and you've completed a step. You know you want a good foundation to work off, so making sure every 'layer' is as good as possible, otherwise, the layers further up risk falling.

We all have great potential, we all have some sort of potential and know that we can create something good - of course, only the people who are willing to start and pursue things once they've got into it - to the end! When we create something, it makes us feel good, and it's awesome. But ever think in the future that something should be improved, improve it!

I come to this from doing an artwork :))) I'm working on it~
- teriyakkii_1203

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