“It’s life.”

It’s those times when you’ve found yourself looking at situation’s bigger picture and telling yourself something along those lines. There’s things which you know that are getting out of hand, possibly a sinking feeling in your heart, but that’s a bit different. When it comes to saying things like “It’ll pass.” or “It’ll be all good in the end.” with some degree of lightheartedness or confidence, it means you have faith in the near future.

Faith is a powerful thing. According to Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (a book that builds a successful mindset), it’s one of the three most strongest human emotions. When you have faith, you have that grasp of confidence for the future, that things are at a temporary setback. It’s not particularly being overly optimistic, nor pessimistic. It’s more of a realistic form of optimism, maybe it’s the other way around... but anyway, you have the hopes that things are going to be okay soon, and that will make things settle in your heart.

Take care of yourselves! And remember we all have our lives which we need to understand. It’s life.
- teriyakkii_1203

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