If you want something pursue it, otherwise you'd be waiting for the opportunity to slip away.

It sounds pushy, that's just right. Literally every quote has came out into a situation as something which was used for that specific situation. There are times when it's not the exact kind of situation, but it can be used and make sense. However I'm certain there's those really wrong moments to say the wrong thing, or even anything at all, like: "Do your best." when you are absolutely clueless about the aim, test topic or anything like that. Maybe that's a weak example to use, but I'm sure many of us have come across things that just don't fit into a time, I suppose that's okay because I'm sure they're just trying to help (assuming it's not in a movie or something).

I watched quite a bit of 'Meteor Garden' on Netflix today :)) A really good C-drama!! Awesome looks :D and a catchy story line. That quote at the top was kind of adapted from the drama to make it sound more right - just watching the thing for yourself ~ there's English subtitles.
- teriyakkii_1203

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