"Speak yourself." - Kim Namjoon/RM, BTS

Imagine working for four to five years straight, then finally booming and reaching every corner of the Earth !! It's the hardworking, talented and amazing BTS kings!! They've now spoken at the UN, and performed at the biggest TV shows in the world, completely from their hardwork (and each other~). Another fantastic story and something that will most likely be remembered for a while. The K-Pop industry is really popping out there, of course, never forget the many other idols out there!

This sort of thing proves how people really need to keep moving, BTS as a group and individually have gone through many hardships, in personal lives and during their time as a K-Pop group. Yet they've kept up, no, improved their work everyday to become who they are, and who they will be. 

If people can move forward and ahead, so can we, and so can I.
- teriyakkii_1203

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