"What is life?"

We've all (well, probably most of us) have asked this to ourselves before. To me, I believe thinking about the meaning of life, or the purpose of life is 'deep', which means to have a deep meaning. It's considered this probably because it's far from the straightforward events and things during daytime - we're extremely caught up in a world that lives by 'human laws and rules' such as work, school, etc. So, coming to a topic such as life, most likely coming to this when you're alone or focusing on yourself, is thought as deep.

So, what is life? And I don't mean the science terms like 'ecosystems', 'biology' or 'anatomies', I am referring to the moral and ethic meaning - the purpose! It is absolutely certain that everyone has completely different ideas, we all know that, and because we cannot control a person's morals and ethics, we shall respect it. We all feel great that others have similar thoughts to ours, which is what builds our relationships, and the beginning of all comes from respect. And that's just it - life is about coming up with your own morals, goals, and purpose to suit you. There's still all the topics of respect when it comes to it, which is why performing actions to pursue your purpose and goals is completely based upon you, however simply remember there are other people as ambitious and considerate as you too! No one is going to think of a purpose for you, it's either inspired by or an entirely new idea by you.

Personally, I used to think about this sort of thing quite often last year: 'where am I?', 'are these lives living like me?', or 'am I truly feeling what I am meant to be feeling?'. Especially for 'who are these people around me?' I would now answer: I don't really mind, I love being around these people enough to realise I only have this time in my hands.
- teriyakkii_1203

Thanks for being here guys :)

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