"Love and support yourself, but don't be afraid to lean on others, too."

Yep, you can love yourself all you want, and depend on yourself all you want - that's apparently quite a hard thing for certain people in this world. Depending on yourself is great, it means you have the ability to be independent and complete tasks, knowing everything that is required and all that. But, doing things with others, the people close to you, shouldn't hurt too. You can tell yourself things, but it's part of the human life to converse with other people, or share your problems. Like I say, don't underestimate (nor overestimate) - so don't underestimate the impact which sharing something weighing on your shoulders will do.

Like all those sayings say, things about the fact that you can't have one thing without the other. Life and death, happiness and sadness. So, when people talk about the many things you can do as a team but not by themselves, their right! But of course, there's things you can do only as an individual, too. Just have a fair mix of both in your life so you don't get too unbalanced.

This basically all came from earlier when I shared more things that were happening in my life to a friend ^^.

Just here to share my thoughts :) What're yours? That can be taken rhetorically if you want to...
- teriyakkii_1203

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